Retaining Walls for Home Landscaping

Designing Backyard Retaining Walls, Making Any Homeowner Proud

Arbor Earth & Stone is Wisconsin’s first choice in residential retaining wall contractors. Our skillful landscaping craftsmen pride themselves in installing methodically designed and perfectly constructed segmental retaining walls in Wisconsin, including Lake Geneva, Lauderdale Lake, and Lake Country areas. Our years of experience in residential landscaping industry have created an exceptional team of landscapers with an unmatched level of expertise.

Many homeowners install retaining walls to control surface runoff and minimize soil erosion, which is commonly needed with exposed basements or homes situated on hills. These visually striking block walls can also be used aesthetically to transform your backyard into something truly magnificent. All our retaining walls are built to last, whether they’re decorative or functional.

Retaining walls, along with other brickwork construction projects, requires meticulous planning and exacting execution. When compared to other landscaping companies in Wisconsin, Arbor Earth & Stone excels in both areas. Our capable and talented crew goes above and beyond, ensuring your entire design is completed accurately and on-time.

Retaining Wall Designs for Wisconsin Homes

Arbor Earth & Stone will work with you from start to finish, determining the best retaining wall design for your outdoor needs. Taking into account your project budget, we will create a design to visually complement the existing landscape of your home, while providing outstanding performance.

With our comprehensive experience in residential retaining wall construction, no job is too big or too small. We turn your backyard ideas into an impressive landscape, which transforms your land into a true conversation piece. Learn more about retaining walls here.

Down to the Very Last Detail

Arbor Earth & Stone is able to handle every aspect of your retaining wall construction, from initial excavation to fill removal. When we’re done, your backyard will be left looking immaculate. This same level of detail goes into our commercial retaining wall projects.

Our residential retaining wall contractors are professionally trained in every aspect of the job to ensure the entire project is up-to-code and executed correctly. Any necessary land grading will be pre-determined by an engineering survey evaluation to make certain your landscape meets regulations.

Top-of-the-Line Retaining Wall Block Products

Our skilled landscaping craftsmen can’t take all the credit. Arbor Earth & Stone utilizes the highest quality products on the market to ensure each new brick design is built to withstand harsh weather and everyday use. Every wall we construct is a safe solution.

Our retaining walls are crafted from only the best brands, which include Keystone, Allan Block, Rockwood and Unilock. These premium retaining wall products meet critical standards in quality and physical tolerances. The bricks themselves often feature varying colors, sizes, and patterns for a specific appearance.

From stacked stone walls, boulders walls, poured or veneered walls to segmented retaining walls, Arbor Earth & Stone creates dream landscapes exceeding your highest expectations. Browse our entire Wisconsin area landscaping gallery now to see our finished designs.

Contact the professional retaining wall experts at Arbor Earth and Stone today. 

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