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Frequently Asked Questions About Paving Services

Arbor Earth & Stone is here to answer all your questions about paving projects. We pave residential and commercial properties. If you don't see your question answered here, feel free to contact us directly!

Q: Can I use paving stones on my driveway?

A: Yes it is possible and recommended in our professional opinion. Our paving contractors evaluate the current base material of your driveway before we begin. It is necessary to have a compact level to create a highly durable paved driveway.

Q: What is the base material of my driveway? 

A: Ideal base material for paving stones will be a variety of crushed stone and rocks. This makes the best kind of compaction to make the most flat surface.

Q: Will weeds grow between the the paving stones?

A: It varies on the level of sand used between the paving stones on how many weeds will grow. By using an additional seal on your pathway, you can eliminate this problem fully.

Q: What is the best way to add value to my home?

A: It can always depend on the home, but a paved walkway adds value to any home and also gives the owner a sense of personalization.

Q: What part of my property can I get paved?

A: A free quote by our landscape professionals can recommend any projects such as patios, pools, parking lots, walkways, parking lots, pathways, wheelchair paths, outdoor kitchens or anything else you might have in mind. Arbor Earth and Stone is a veteran owned business built upon years of customer satisfaction where we want to turn your plans into a reality.

Q: Why are paved driveways better than asphalt?

A: A paved driveway gives any homeowner a strong, yet flexible advantage over asphalt. While installation time for asphalt will be shorter, risk of repair is much higher. Pavers give the option of easy repair to a same section. An asphalt driveway can crack and will be required to remove and resurface the entire slab to fully correct the problem. The other added benefit is paving stones come in a wide range of colors and designs to match any home.

Q: How long will my paved driveway last?

A: Many paved projects come with lifetime warranties and are incredibly strong. Any surface we pave, not just driveways, comes with the benefit of simple maintenance if ever damaged. Ask our experts today about our service plans to maintain your new stone, brick, or concrete paving.

Q: Can you pave over my existing driveway?

A: We will try to pave over old driveways or patios to save you the most money, but there are some situations where this is not possible. With our experienced professionals and high quality equipment we will find an affordable solution for your home or business. We will let you know right away if paving over is not possible for your construction project, giving you time to consider the alternatives.

Q: What is permeable paving?

A: Permeable paving refers to any form of sidewalk, driveway, parking lot, or patio construction made using permeable paving stones, bricks, or concrete. These materials allow water to pass through into the ground rather than accumulate on the surface. It is ideal for both commercial and residential properties to prevent large puddles of standing water from appearing during or after rain.

Q: Why is a permeable surface better for my business?

A: Safety! Permeable stone and brick will keep your sidewalks, pathways, parking lots and other paved areas safe for your employees and customers letting the water drain through instead of pooling on top. When water cannot adequately drain, it leaves surfaces slippery and can cause people to trip or fall. By allowing for proper drainage, you’re reducing this risk.

Q: How can I be environmentally conscious when paving?

A: Responsible water management is now the norm when new construction is approved. Many towns, cities, and counties have very specific rules about how construction projects can affect the environment. In your home or your business, installing permeable surfaces not only keeps your property safe, it prevents neighboring properties to become victim to erosion as well.

Q: What is the best paving option?

A: We use paving stones, brick, and stamped concrete for our paving services based on their strength, water absorption rate and abrasion index numbers. These are all things Arbor Earth & Stone can provide our expert opinion on. We will also recommend the color and style best suited to your home or business. By trusting our experts, you won’t have to worry about picking the wrong material, color, or style.

Q:Does my pool need pavers?

A: Of course! Permeable paving stones are the best possible choice for residential pools because they give you a less slippery surface when wet. Instead of water pooling and creating a hazard around the pool deck, the moisture is soaked down through the material.

Our variety of stone and brick styles adds to the appearance of your pool area, making it perfect for hosting outdoor events and parties. Additionally, pavers do not heat as quickly as asphalt or plain concrete so it is much cooler to walk on during hot summer days.

Q: Will your paving equipment fit in my small yard?

A: Many homeowners worry heavy machinery and equipment will ruin the rest of their yard during construction. We have years of experience in every size yard imaginable, including small lots. When you contact us for an estimate, we will use your property measurements to determine the best equipment for the job. Arbor Earth & Stone takes pride in being able to complete any project quickly and with limited damage to your yard.

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