Commercial Landscaping FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Landscaping

Arbor Earth & Stone gladly answers any and all questions about landscaping on commercial or residential properties. Feel free to contact us directly if this FAQ doesn’t address your question!

Q: What does commercial landscaping include?

A: Commercial landscaping is often deals with businesses with large properties. Landscaping can include anything from lawn care to installing a retaining wall.

Q: Can I pick the design, or will you pick something for me?

A: We work with our customers to ensure they are satisfied with their landscaping. Our goal is to provide you with beautiful landscaping that fulfills your vision, and adds value to your property.

Q: Will landscaping add value to my property?

A: Absolutely! Properties with beautiful landscaping sell at higher values, and could even improve business. Money Magazine believes property owners who have invested in beautiful landscaping can expect to recover 100% to 200% of landscaping costs when they sell their property.

Q: Will commercial landscaping really help me sell my property?

A: According to realtors and appraisers, properties with landscaping features often sell faster and for a higher price.

Q: Do you perform landscaping maintenance?

A: Yes. We won’t create a beautiful landscape and leave you to handle the upkeep. We will gladly perform landscaping maintenance, whatever that might entail for your property.

Q: What’s the best way to care for my new landscaping?

A: Once we’re done, we’ll walk you through how to care for your beautiful new landscaping. We will provide tips on how best to water, fertilize, and care for your yard.

Q: What if I want something a bit out of the ordinary, something more elaborate?

A: Give us a call and we’ll get started! We create landscaping features which include stone retaining walls, simple shrubbery, and complex pavers. Whether you need simple shrubs, or an elaborate stone walkway, we will help create unique landscapes for your business.

Q: What if I’m not sure what I want for my property?

A: We have years of landscaping experience, creating everything from gardens to water features. If you aren’t sure what you want for your property, we’ll find the perfect design.

Q: Does commercial landscaping include paving?

A: Of course! Paved pathways are a great way to add to the usability of your yard. If your pavement is damaged, we will repair it or even replace it with better materials. Repairing pavement can greatly improve the look, feel, and safety of your property.

Q: How can commercial landscaping make my property safer?

A: We often use permeable surface stone and brick when installing new paving. This material prevents a buildup of water and minimizes the potential for ice to form underneath the surface.

Q: What if my property is steep or uneven?

A: We will gladly create a terraced pattern with retaining walls and design a new, level surface for your landscaping. This mix of stone and greenery on your property protects the land from erosion.

Q: What if my property is on the shoreline?

A: We regularly install seawalls for clients with waterfront property. We can design an attractive seawall to protect your new landscaping.

Q: Is elaborate landscaping bad for the environment?

A: Quite the opposite actually. We can remove invasive species, plant native species, and ensure your landscaping fits in with the local ecosystem. In addition, plants and trees help filter greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide from the air, and can even help to reduce noise pollution.

Q: How much will my project cost?

A: This all depends on what you need. We will gladly work with you to create an affordable, beautiful landscape for your property.

Q: How long will this take?

A: It all depends on what your project entails. When we help design your landscaping, we will create a timeline to give you an estimated completion date.

Still have questions? Contact our commercial landscaping contractors for answers now!


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