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Retaining Wall Design & Construction With A Unique View.

Wisconsin’s Best Retaining Walls and Unit Pavers

Protect your Residential or Commercial Property from Erosion

Arbor Earth & Stone is the premier retaining wall construction company in Waterford, Wisconsin. We employ highly skilled and trained contractors to service residential and commercial properties of southeast Wisconsin including Lake Geneva, Lauderdale Lake and the Lake Country areas. For impeccable, professional services, trust only the best and turn to Arbor Earth & Stone.

Arbor Earth & Stone’s team of expert craftsmen always plan ahead to ensure flawless construction from start to finish. Fast turnaround times and a service-orientated approach are specialties at Arbor Earth & Stone.

Retaining Wall Construction

Our contractors provide expert retaining wall design and installation services in Wisconsin. We build fully functional and decorative retaining walls for commercial and residential properties. Most of our clients require retaining walls to prevent soil from eroding or sliding down a sloped landscape. However, retaining walls are also a great feature to add to any property to simply improve aesthetics.

Arbor Earth & Stone has the experience and tools needed to properly plan out and implement a sturdy retaining wall. All of our retaining walls are built to last and fit your landscape perfectly. We will work with you to ensure you’re getting the design you want within your budget.

Permeable Unit Pavers

We offer comprehensive permeable paving solutions for homes and businesses throughout Wisconsin and Illinois. Permeable paving is especially important for commercial properties. Snow and rainwater are able to pass right through the surface, making high foot traffic areas like parking lots, sidewalks and walkways safer for visitors.

Arbor Earth & Stone’s professional pavers are available to evaluate your property and determine whether or not you would benefit from our permeable paving services.

Professional Construction Services at Your Home or Business

Arbor Earth & Stone is here to help. Utilizing the most advanced techniques and equipment allow our team to get big jobs done safely and efficiently. Learn more about our commercial and residential services now to get a better understanding of Arbor Earth & Stone’s capabilities.

Browse our gallery now to see some examples of our quality craftsmanship on various projects. This gallery will give you a better picture of Arbor Earth & Stone’s capabilities as well as landscaping ideas for your home.

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