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Water Feature FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Features

Arbor Earth & Stone has a history of installing beautiful and unique water features for our clients. Clients usually have many questions before installing water features, many of which we’ve answered here. If you still have questions after reading this list, please contact us directly to learn more.

Q: What kinds of water features do you install?

A: We install all kinds of waterscapes for commercial and residential clients. We design ponds, waterfalls, streams, and pondless waterfalls.

Q: What is a waterscape?

A: Similar to landscaping and hardscaping, waterscaping is a term referring to any work done on a property involving a water feature.

Q: What is a pondless waterfall?

A: A pondless waterfall is a waterfall where the water falls into rocks or other features rather than a pool at the bottom. This is usually a simpler, more affordable waterscape option as it uses less water.

Q: Do waterscapes waste water?

A: Actually, waterscapes can save you water over time. While they take many gallons to fill, waterscapes recycle this water, and draw in water from the environment from snow and rain. Waterscapes also cut down on the amount of water used on lawn maintenance.

Q: What kinds of benefits can I expect from a waterscape?

A: Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefit, waterscapes benefit property owners in numerous ways. The relaxing new noise of bubbling water will help to drown out noise pollution. Many animals like squirrels and birds will also delight in your new waterscape. Waterscapes often increase the resale value of both commercial and residential properties.

Q: What sort of upkeep can I expect?

A: Depending on the waterscape you have installed, about 5-10 minutes of care per week. Usually the only upkeep necessary is removing debris, but occasionally you might have to replace a filter to keep your water crystal clear.

Q: Won’t a waterscape attract bugs like mosquitos?

A: Mosquitos only lay their eggs in stagnant water, so the rippling surface of your waterscape won’t attract any buzzing bugs. Beautiful insects like butterflies and dragonflies do like the cooler air of waterscapes though.

Q: Can I even have a waterscape on my property?

A: Our landscaping design professionals will assess your property to find the best place for your new waterscape. We can create the perfect spot for a waterfall or a pond with other landscaping techniques like a retaining wall.

Q: Won’t the winter ruin my waterscape?

A: As long as water is moving it won’t freeze as easily. We can also shut off your waterfall during the colder months to ensure everything stays protected.

Q: Will you help me design my new waterscape?

A: If you aren’t sure what you want on your property we will gladly work with you to create the right waterscape for your yard.

Q: Will my waterscape be harmful to the environment?

A: Waterscapes are actually a great benefit to the local environment. Ponds and streams serve as a beautiful habitat to local plant life and wildlife, especially birds. A waterscape on your property can actually create a new habitat for countless creatures!

Q: Are waterscapes expensive?

A: Waterscapes vary in cost depending on their size and scope. A small pond will be cheaper than a large waterfall and stream. We will work with you to find an affordable waterscape for your property.

Q: Will a waterscape impact the value of my residential property?

A: Unlike pools which can negatively impact the sale and value of your home, waterscapes can add value to your home. Many realtors and appraisers find waterscapes increase the value of your home and help sell them faster.

Still have questions? Contact our waterscape experts for more answers!


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