Water Feature Designs and Installations from Wisconsin’s Landscapers

Backyard Waterfalls, Fountains and Ponds Fuse Art with Nature

Lake Geneva Waterscaping ContractorWaterscaping, the art of adding a water feature to a landscape, has become increasingly popular throughout the Midwest. Our waterscape contractors not only create low maintenance, eco-friendly water features, they also have mastered the art of acclimating these projects to our Midwestern climate to ensure they survive our harsh winters and provide enjoyment for many years to come.

Every waterscape project starts with an assessment of your property. Working with your input, we determine the best location for your water feature and if there are any existing elements in your landscaping which can be integrated into the waterscape, such as a small hill which might be used as the basis for a trickling waterfall. If there is nothing, as is often the case in new construction on flat terrain, we can add earth and rocks to sculpt virtually any sort of artificial grading conducive to creating a waterscape. Our goal is to create a natural-looking water feature which will provide your business with a peaceful place to enjoy.

Water Features Conserve Water

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, having a water feature in your yard actually saves water over time. Despite initially require many gallons of water to fill, your water feature will collect rainfall and snow melt over time. Lawn maintenance will also be far easier with a water feature taking up space instead of grass. Our pondless waterfalls recirculate water without pooling in a pond, using even less water. By not wasting water, your business will leave a better impact on the environment.

From the rocks and stones to choosing the perfect plants, we design natural looking water features which create an exceptionally peaceful and tranquil addition to your commercial property. When you turn to Arbor Earth & Stone for commercial waterscaping services, you will enjoy your serene yard for years to come. We utilize the beauty of nature to create an enchanting escape. Arbor Earth & Stone can add your choice of water feature to your existing or newly developed landscape.

Benefits of Commercial Water Features

Running water can reduce the sounds of traffic, construction, and even loud neighbors. If your commercial property is located near a major roadway, a large pond or waterfall will help keep the atmosphere calm and quiet. Think about it –how much more productive would your employees be if they weren’t constantly listening to semi-trucks barreling by on the freeway or honking during rush hour?

Water features add value to your real estate, both financially and aesthetically. A great looking property will impress clients and visitors by showing them you are serious business. Manmade ponds and lakes are also a draw to local wildlife, especially birds. Your business will be giving back to the environment while looking great.

Water features include:

  • Ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Streams
  • Pondless Waterfalls

The team of Arbor Earth & Stone will determine the best feature for your property, depending on the available space and resources. We take your input into account to give you the exact waterscape design you imagined. Learn more about waterscaping by reading our water feature FAQ!

Contact Wisconsin waterscaping specialists today for a free quote on your water feature design.

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