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Lake Lauderdale Home Adds Outdoor Fireplace and Patio

Lake Lauderdale outdoor fireplace and patio

Lake Lauderdale Home Adds Outdoor Fireplace and Patio

Hosting a party on the lake is a summer pastime for these Lake Lauderdale homeowners. When they realized their patio was no longer large enough to meet their hosting needs, they contacted Arbor Earth & Stone to discuss design ideas for a new outdoor living space. After receiving a free estimate, they decided they wanted an outdoor fireplace to accompany their patio so they could continue hosting even in colder weather.

Not only did Arbor Earth & Stone contractors design a beautiful outdoor living space, they took into account the storage shed and perfectly lined up the patio walkway and fireplace to provide easy access.

Contact the Lake Lauderdale landscapers of Arbor Earth & Stone for an estimate on your outdoor home improvement projects.

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